Belânu and Iltani - Part 6

Iltani to Sikku my friend: May Marduk and Nabu and Irnini whose other name is Ishtar, all be praised. The device of the image of Ti'u and the little boat has borne fruit. Baal Bel├ónu is cured of his fever. Ti'u has departed out of him. He wrote me these things. He also wrote me other things. But I do not think they would interest my friend Sikku. He thought the rose very small. It was indeed a small rose, as I wrote you, Sikku. But it found favour with him. This will not be interesting news to you. This news will be more interesting. My lady mother was not angered against me when I told her of the message of Baal Bel├ónu. Neither was my uncle Nabu-zeribini with whom she consulted. He laughed softly at me out of the fatness of his face and said: " Bel├ónu son of Mar-irsitim, though a poet, has twenty gan of fertile land in his own right, many herds and much gold and silver. Bel├ónu has also a good eye for seeing. When I was young I had such an eye. Let him be invited to this my brother's house, O Taram-Sagila, my sister-by-marriage. " And my mother, who always looks sour when she is much pleased, looked very sour and she answered: " Since such is your wish, Nabu-zer-ibini my brother-by-marriage, do you yourself seek out the young man and bring him hither. " Thus it was settled. So Baal Bel├ónu will cross this threshold. May Ishtar and Bêl keep his foot from slipping upon it. I think this news is interesting Sikku. Send me word quickly what you think of it.
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