Belânu and Iltani - Part 9

I have seen my jewel in its pure setting,
I have seen Iltani in the silver setting
Of her mother's love,
Yet fair as was that setting of silver,
Lovely as Iltani shone within it,
I long with a mighty longing
To take forth from it my jewel,
To reset my jewel beyond price
In the fiery gold of my love.

Oh, how beautiful,
How much sweeter than fine myrrh,
How beautiful and sweet was Iltani
In that setting of mild silver!
How far more beautiful than precious stones
Were the blue buds of Ishtar's flower in her hair!
How far above rubies
Was the rose between her young breasts!

Oh, when may I take you for my own, Iltani!
When will you come to me as my bride?
When may my fingers be woven in your hair
Like the strands of Ishtar's flowers;
When like the rose
May I sleep between your breasts?

My heart is too full for much speaking,
Iltani! Iltani!
My heart will sing for you without words,
When you rest upon it,
Iltani! my sole desire!
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