Believer's Lodging and Inn, While on Earth, The - Verse 5: Blessed is the Man Whose Strength is in Thee

What weights of bliss their happy shoulders load,
Whose strength lies treasured in a potent God?
Self-drained souls, yet flowing to the brim,
Because void in themselves, but full in him.
Adam the first discussed their stock of strength.
The second well retrieved the sum at length;
Who keeps t' himself, a surer hand indeed,
To give not as they list, but as thy need.
When raging furies threaten sudden harms,
He then extends his everlasting arms;
When Satan drives his pointed fiery darts,
He gives them courage and undaunted hearts,
To quell his deadly force with divine skill,
And adds new strength to do their sovereign's will:
When sore harass'd by some outrageous lust,
He, levelling its power unto the dust,
Makes saints to own him worthy of their trust.
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