Believer's Lodging and Inn, While on Earth, The - Verse 6: In Whose Hearts Are the Ways of Them

Such heav'n born souls are not to earth confin'd,
Truth's highway fills their elevated mind:
They bound for Zion, press with forward aim,
As Isr'el's males to old Jerusalem.
Their holy path lies through a parched land,
Through oppositions numerous and grand.
Traversing scorched deserts, ragged rocks,
And Baca's wither'd vale, like thirsty flocks;
Yet with unshaken vigour homeward go,
Not mov'd by all opposing harms below,
They digging wells on this Gilboa top,
The vale of Achor yields a door of hope:
For heav'n in plenty does their labour crown,
By making silver show'rs to trickle down;
Till empty pools imbibe a pleasant fill,
And weary souls are heart'ned up the hill,
By massy drops of joy which down distill.
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