Believer's Lodging and Inn, While on Earth, The - Verse 7: They Go From Strength to Strength

Thus they, refreshed by superior aid,
Are not defatigated nor dismay'd;
Because they are, O truth of awful dread!
As potent as J EHOVAH in their head.
Hence they shall travel with triumphant minds,
In spite of ragged paths and boist'rous winds.
The roughest ways their vigour ne'er abates,
Each new assault their strength redintegrates,
When they through mortal blows seem to give o'er,
Their strength by intermitting gathers more.
And thus they, with unweary'd zeal endued,
Still as their journey have their strength renew'd.
So glorious is the race, that once begun,
Each one contends his fellow to outrun;
Till all uniting in a glorious band,
Before the Lamb's high throne adoring stand,
And harp his lofty praise in Zion land.
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