Believer's Lodging and Inn, While on Earth, The - Verse 9: Behold, O God, Our Shield

Omnipotent, whose armour none can wield,
Zion's great buckler and defensive shield;
Thy pure untainted eyes cannot behold
Deformed mortals in their sinful mold,
Unless their names be graved on the breast
Of Zion's holy consecrated Priest.
When they his white and glorious garments wear,
Then sin and guilt both wholly disappear:
Because o'erwhelmed in the crimson flood,
And Ocean of a dying Surety's blood:
They also, vested with his radiant grace,
Reflect the lustre of his holy face.
They're not themselves now, but divinely trim;
For wholly what they are, they are in him:
And hence J EHOVAH'S all-discerning eye
Cannot in them espy deformity.
Then look on him, Lord: and in him on me.
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