Beoleopard; or, The Witan's Whail

Whan Cnut Cyng the Witan wold enfeoff
Of infangthief and outfangthief
Wonderlich were they enwraged
And wordwar waged
Sware Cnut great scot and lot
Swingi wold ich this illbegotten lot.

Wroth was Cnut and wrothword spake.
Well wold he win at wopantake.
Fain wold he braki frith and cracki heads
And than they shold worshippe his redes.

Swinged Cnut Cyng with swung sword
Howled Witani helli but hearkened his word
Murie sang Cnut Cyng
Outfangthief is Damgudthyng.
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Oh, for heaven's sake, this poem isn't by "Anonymous"; it is a parody of Anglo-Saxon poetry, written in the 20th century by W.C. Sellar and R.J. Yeatman for their satirical book on English history, 1066 and All That. Also, whoever posted it transcribed it incorrectly, because a lot of the words that end in "i" in this transcription are supposed to end in the letter "e" with a diaeresis (umlaut) over it.

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