Bird o' the wilderness

Bird o' the wilderness
Does heavens winds chill thy breast
On the ground builds her nest
By the tuft hassock and wild thymy hill
Bird o' the desert place
" Prized are thy featherd race
" Heavens thy dwelling place
Minstrel of heaven and singing there still

Bird o' the pathless heath
Where heaven sheds her breath
On furze and flowers beneath
And solitude talks to herself all the year
Bird of the desert place
Unused to any place
Save thy own speckled race
How lovely thy songs at this season appear

Here is thy home bird thou beautiful comer
A nest wi' brown eggs from the spring to the summer
The wild bee's thy neighbour a sun shiney hummer
A teazeing the Lambtoes around thy rude nest
Now the clouds part up far i' the blue
I can see thy wings winnow adieu bird adieu
Thy dwelling is heaven where none may pursue
And in heaven thy singing is blest —
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