The Birds' Courting Song

" Hi! " said the black bird, sitting on a chair,
" Once I courted a lady fair.
She proved fickle and turned her back,
And ever since then I've dressed in black.

Towdy owdy, dildo dum,
Towdy owdy, dildo day,
Towdy owdy, dildo dum,
Tollollido dildo day.


" Hi! " said the little leather-winged bat,
" I will tell you the reason that,
The reason that I fly in the night
Is because I've lost my heart's delight. "

CHORUS : Towdy owdy, etc.


" Hi! " said the little mourning dove,
" I'll tell you how to regain her love,
Court her night and court her day,
Never give her time to say " Oh Nay!" "
CHORUS : Towdy owdy, etc.


" Hi! " said the woodpecker, sitting on a fence,
" Once I courted a handsome wench,
She got scary and from me fled.
And ever since then my head's been red. "
CHORUS : Towdy owdy, etc.


" Hi! " said the bluejay as she flew,
" If I was a young man I'd have two.
If one proved fickle and chanced for to go
I'd have a new string to tie to my bow. "
CHORUS : Towdy owdy, etc.
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