Blakes apology for His Catalogue

[who cries all art is a fraud & Genius a trick
And Blake is an unfortunate Lunatic]
Having given great offence by writing in Prose
Ill write in [Rhyme] Verse as soft as [feather Pillows] Bartolloze
Some blush at what others can see no crime in
But nobody [at all] sees any harm in Rhyming
Dryden in Rhyme cries Milton only plannd
Every Fool shook his bells throughout the land
Tom Cooke cut Hogarth down with his clean graving
[How many] Thousands of Connoisseurs with joy ran raving
Thus Hayley on his Toilette seeing the sope
[says] Cries Homer is very much improvd by Pope
Some say Ive given great Provision to my foes
And that now I lead my false friends by the nose
Flaxman & Stothard smelling a sweet savour
Cry Blakified drawing spoils painter & Engraver
While I looking up to my Umbrella
Resolvd to be a very contrary fellow
Cry [Tom Cooke proves] looking quite from
[Circumference] Skumference to Center
No one can finish so high as the original Inventor
Thus Poor Schiavonetti died of the Cromek
A thing thats tied [about] around the Examiners neck
This is my sweet apology to my friends
That I may put them in mind of their latter Ends
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