Bonny Jenny O

Where John goes bed at noon bonny Jenny O
And the trees grow i' the hedge tall and many O
There's a baulk and edding there green full of flowers and fair
Come out and meet me there bonny Jenny O.

Where the cowslips make a smell bonny Jenny O
By the spring heads sandy well bonny lassie O
And penny royal too pinheaded o'er wi' dew
At sunrise smelleth too bonny Jenny O.

Theres a primrose bank O' sweets bonny Jenny O
And green moss for a seat bonny Jenny O
There we'll cuddle side by side Where blue bells i' their pride
Under heaven stovens grow bonny lassie O.

May I lean upon thy breast bonny lassie O
And take a lovers rest bonny lassie O
The dreams would be so sweet and thy beauty so complete
Never more I'd wake to sigh bonny lassie O.
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