Bonny Mary Let Us Go

Bonny Mary let us go O'er the hills of gorse and heather
Where the little harebells grow In the summers sultry weather
Where the rabbit and the hare Timid feed and hide together
Mary let us wander there O'er the hills among the heather.

There the sun still rises fine O'er the golden gorse and heather
There the sunsets are divine In the summers sultry weather
See the spinners lace work shine On the bents among the heather
On the gorse from spine to spine Beaded with the dewy weather.

Bonny Mary let us go o'er the wheat fields far away
Where rest harrow blossoms grow And arching brambles spread dismay
Not dismay to thee and me For there's space to walk between
There blooms o' summer scenery And half the winter linger green

Dark gown and petticoat so white In hat o' straw and ribbons gay
Laced cap o'er inky curls sae bright That glitters like the milky way
Bonny Mary hither come We'll walk and sit amang the heather
The wild heath is our dearest home Where we can talk and love together.

The wheat ear on the whitethorn cheeping The furze lark whisling by her nest
The adder in the crimped brake sleeping But on the short sward we can rest
And see the dappled herd graze round us Quiet in the sultry weather
While the shade of e've surround us On the heath of gorse and heather.
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