Bonny Rachel Hives

O bonny is the bloom o' the rose on the brere
And sweeter is the rose on the cheek o' my dear
And sweet is the scent O' the bonny woodbine
But sweeter is the breath O' those bonny lips o' thine
And bright on the clover leaf look the siller drops o' dew
But brighter still the dew o love in Rachaels eyes o' blue
I have looked on every flower and leaf that natures love contrive[s]
But never found a bonny thing to equal Rachael Hives

She's fairer than the hedge rose upon the bonny brere
And sweeter than the woodbine that climbs in blossom near
Her cheeks are warmer hued and sweeter are her lips
Than the honey which the hay bee from every blossom sips
And brighter [than] the dew drop oer the thorn and the brere
Is the rich light o' the eye o' bonny Rachael dear
If nature ever [kiss her] maugre sweethearts and Wives
She never kissed a whiter breast than bonny Rac. Hives.

O bonny Rachael Hives shes the Angel o' my heart
As the blossom to the leaf and I hope we'll never part
As the inside o' the rose as the honey to the bee
Just so is Rachael Hives and her pretty face to me
The dewy night o dawn when the night bird's singing stops
The sattin bells o' morning pearled round wi siller drops
And all the purest ornaments that natures love contrives
Are nothing half so warm and true as bonny Rachael Hives.
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