Bonny Young Susan

Bonny young Susan lives down the green lane
The flower o' the village the pride o' the plain
Wash'd clean by the show'rs lay the stones up and down
Green lanes they're the color of susans new gown
Arum flowers — Lords & Ladies had open'd their hood
Some the color o' cream others purple as blood
And their leaves gloss'd like Ivy are pleasantly green
Where the blackbirds & thrush build their dwellings unseen.


Wi my stick in my hand how I sing and I whistle
And frighten the great bee whose lit on the thistle
He fell on the grass but the sun o' the Spring
Soon makes him alive and he takes to his wing
The finch wi grey lichens has built a round nest
And white thorn and brambles around it is prest
" There is nothing like love" a writer me tells
I felt it when courting o' Susannah Wells.


Oh my sweet fair and beautiful Susannah Wells
Sweet as the blossoms o' bonny blue bells
Bright as the pink o' the luscious woodbine
I'll clasp thee for ever dear Susan thou'rt mine
My fond one my dearest for ever shall be
Thou'rt like a young rose when it buds on the tree
Thy savour is sweet as flow'rs sprinkled wi dew
My Susan is faithful and I will prove true.
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