Bop Lyrics

When I think of death
I get a goofy feeling;
Then I catch my breath:
Zero is appealing,
Appearances are hazy.
Smart went crazy,
Smart went crazy.

A flower in my head
Has fallen through my eye;
Someday I'll be dead:
I love the Lord on high,
I wish He'd pull my daisy.
Smart went crazy,
Smart went crazy.

I asked the lady what's a rose,
She kicked me out of bed.
I asked the man, and so it goes,
He hit me on the head.
Nobody knows,
Nobody knows,
At least nobody's said.

The time I went to China
To lead the boy scout troops,
They sank my ocean liner,
And all I said was " Oops! "

All the doctors think I'm crazy;
The truth is really that I'm lazy:
I made visions to beguile 'em
Till they put me in th'asylum.

I'm a pot and God's a potter,
And my head's a piece of putty.
Ark my darkness,
Lark my looks,
I'm so lucky to be nutty.
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