Both Earth and Heaven

How would it all end?
When we hate so much?
To be whole, what we hate is that which we should love
Where do we start from when we think that we hate?

To all who are terrified:
From sin came Adam. From the deluge came Noah. From disease came Job. From questioning came Abraham. From the wilderness came Moses. From the cross came Jesus. From illiteracy came Muhammad. From innocence came ‘Ali. From self-destruction came Socrates. From despair came Plato. From exile came al-Mutanabbi. From darkness came al-Ma‘arri.

To all those who are terrified:
From weakness strength comes. From night the day.
From division comes unity.
To all those who are frightened: do not fear!

Every morning when we read
Most of what we read we should not read.
We should only read about love.

What is history?
What is man?
How do we embrace history?
Like a child on its mother's knee.
We must be this mother.

Most of those who wrote history were old. They hated death and did not know God. They were against history.
Most of those who wrote history were dead. And they wrapped us round with the garments of death.

He who knows God knows colors, trees, letters; knows good and evil; knows creation. They all came from the same rib. He who knows God knows that all belongs to God.

Is God tiny fragments we could share among ourselves?
Or is He a cloak that we can wear, and that we can cast off?
That is the difference between seeing nothing but desert or living within sight of eternity's sea
That is the difference between life in death and death in life.
That is the difference always between being earth and being heaven.

There is much speech in silence.
What does the Jew say? I alone have the truth.
What does the Buddhist say? I alone.
What does the Christian say? I alone.
What does the Muslim say? I alone.
What does every sect within a sect say? Alone.
What does every province within a province say? Alone.
What does every living creature say? Alone.
What does every family say? Alone.
What does every individual say? Alone.
This pride, this ignorance, how do we transform them into love?

That is why God is the one who speaks most: Let us be still; let us be still and listen!

How long has civilization gone on? Five thousand years.
How long has the destruction we should claim gone on?
Five thousand years.
Ten thousand.
Has man learned anything from these words, from this silence?
He has learned nothing!

What is the secret of this strife then?
The ego.
Is there a cure for it? Knowledge.
What is knowledge? Other people.

We return to the primal silence.
Strife with others. Is it not a strife with one's self?
The self that we know. The self that we do not know.
The self that should be purified every moment.
The self that every moment should dwell in God.
Where does God dwell?
Does He dwell among us? This is blasphemy!
Does He not dwell among us? This, also, is blasphemy!

What is history? It is man, and it is God.
Where should we start from?
Where we think that we hate.
Where we think that we hate.
With other people who are the self which we ignore
Therefore God is all.

Is there no shore? The shore which is the sea?
What is the sea?
It is within the soul and beyond it.
It is today and it is yesterday.
It is the point and the circle.
It is all parts of one whole
It is where we start from and we do not end.
It is where we love and do not hate
It is where we live and do not die
It is where there is a shore and no shore.
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Huda Na`mani
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