Both Sides


I'd been having a whacking flirtation
With a boy not twenty years old:
And although I am five years his senior,
That ugly fact need not be told.
I know that he literally worshipped
Me; and just to tell you the truth,
I rather enjoyed the outpouring
Of this wild first love of his youth.
How I liked my shy, innocent lover!
But — wretched young villain! — I learned
That when chaffed by the fellows he called me
His " auntie" when my back was turned.


I was desperately, madly, devoutly
In love with a woman so fair
That, as usual, I thought her an angel,
With halos encircling her hair.
She was older than I — but what of it?
Her age but enhanced her, for then
Was she not so unselfish, preferring
A boy to society men?
But one day I got over my " spasm,"
And out of love's arms I soon slid
When I heard that, when chaffed by some women,
She called me a " snippy young kid."
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