The Boy Lives on Our Farm

The Boy lives on our Farm, he's not
Afeard o' horses none!
An' he can make 'em lope, er trot,
Er rack, er pace, er run.
Sometimes he drives two horses, when
He comes to town an' brings
A wagonful o' 'taters nen,
An' roastin'-ears an' things.

Two horses is " a team, " he says, —
An' when you drive er hitch,
The right un's a " near horse, " I guess,
Er " off " — I don't know which. —
The Boy lives on our Farm, he told
Me, too, 'at he can see,
By looking at their teeth, how old
A horse is, to a T!

I'd be the gladdest boy alive
Ef I knowed much as that,
An' could stand up like him an' drive,
An' ist push back my hat,
Like he comes skallyhootin' through
Our alley, with one arm
A-wavin' Fare-ye-well! to you —
The Boy lives on our Farm!
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