Boys and Spring

To see the Arum early shoot
Its cone curled leaves of green
About the white green mossy root
Where violet buds are seen


The little round hole in the roots
Looks battered hard and round
The mice come out to chimble fruits
And take hips under ground


The husks of hips and awes lie round
All chimbled seed and skin
There noses now peep from the ground
And there the tails bob in


The nettles yellow roots are bare
Where sun shine looks about
Where thin and pricked the hedges are
The leaves are sprouting out


The violets blossom where they dwell
The childrens fingers smart
They kiss the place to make it well
And all is joy of heart


There's something yet in childhoods ways
On which I love to dwell
And oft I hunt in springs first days
The painted pooty shell


Children e're they go to school
Hunt hedges and thorn roots
They're badgers by the sedgy pool
And b[u]y the [painted poots]


And then they crush them nib to nib
Agen the meadow brig
And don't their little tongues run glib
At running such a rig


They call them cocks and so they fight
A little " cocking day"
The hardest breaks the whole outright
As heroe of the day.
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