The Brother

O know you what I have done
To avenge our sister? She,
I thought, was wantoned with
By a man of levity:

And I lay in wait all day,
All day did I wait for him,
And dogged him to Bollard Head
When twilight dwindled dim,

And hurled him over the edge
And heard him fall below:
O would I were lying with him,
For the truth I did not know!

" O where's my husband?" she asked,
As evening wore away:
" Best you had one, forsooth,
But never had you!" I say.

" Yes, but I have!" says she,
" My Love made it up with me,
And we churched it yesterday
And mean to live happily."

And now I go in haste
To the Head, before she's aware,
To join him in death for the wrong
I've done them both out there!
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