Bub Says

The moon in the sky is a custardpie,
An' the clouds is the cream pour'd o'er it,
An' all o' the glittering stars in the sky
Is the powdered sugar for it.


Johnts — he's proudest boy in town —
'Cause his Mommy she cut down
His Pa's pants fer Johnts — an' there
Is 'nuff left fer ' nother


One time, when her Ma was gone,
Little Elsie she put on
All her Ma's fine clothes — an' black
Grow-grain-silk, an' sealskinsack;
Nen while she wuz flouncin' out
In the hall an' round about,
Some one knocked, an' Elsie she
Clean forgot an' run to see
Who's there at the door — an' saw
Mighty quick at wuz her Ma.
But ef she ain't saw at all,
She'd a-knowed her parasol!


Gran'pas an' Gran'mas is funniest folks! —
Don't be jolly, ner tell no jokes,
Tell o' the weather an' frost an' snow
O' that cold New Year's o' long ago;
An' then they sigh at each other an' cough
An' talk about suddently droppin' off.
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