Can I Forget Those Large Blue Eyes

Can I forget those large blue eyes That lightens on me yet
Those ruby lips unknown to sighs I never can forget
The day that makes the chimeing bells I never more forget
The hedge row ash the story tells The place where first we met

O' Sally cans't thou think of me While nature round thee lies
Here where we met I ever see Thy large and bright blue eyes
I worship thee in many rhymes Where that place I see
I kiss that face a thousand times In fancy's fond and free

O Sally Mason lovely girl The cowslips on the leas
The ash tree in the hedge new laid All full of glossy keys
O Sally Mason lovely girl Here by the road wood side
Thy eyes Shone bright As strings O' pearl When I chose thee for my bride

O' Sally Mason lovely girl Thy love is all to me
Every flower I set my face on is nought compared to thee
Here I press thy snow bosom And neck more white than snow
Sally's a flower near out O' blossom The sweetest in the world below.
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