Can Ye Love Lowland Lassie

Can ye love lowland lassie the Tweed and the Forth
 Can ye love the high rock and the mountain a blea
Can ye bear like the winweed the blight o' the north
 Then come Lowland Lassie for ever with me

My dear Lowland Lassie o' gold I've no lacking
 My bieldin stands firm on the ledges o' rock
A' covered wi' woodbine & theaked o'er wi brakin
 A chair for yoursen and a corner for Jock


My ain Lowland Lassie my dear Lowland Lassie
 As dear as the life light that beams in my e'e
The Bieldin stans high and the ocean luiks glossy
 Come Lassie and live on the mountain wi me


Can ye love Lowland Lassie the lad i' the plaiden
 Can ye love the low shielin by the side o' the hill
Can ye love me a Scotchman my ain bonny maiden
 There the rock on its shieling is hanging there still


The fierce Eagle builds his nest underneath it
 The Heron and Falcon ne'er venture so high
No birds o' the small kind a' once ever seen it
 'Twill make thee a nest love and keep us a dry


Can ye love Lowland Lassie the rocks o' the glen
 And the shieling that hangs like a nest i' the air
There's a soucey fire and a chair for your own sen
 And broo crum'd with Marigolds when ye get there
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