Can Ye Love My Dear Lassie

Can you love my dear lassie the hills o' wild thyme
Where I made a Ballad in true lovers rhyme
Do you love the wild Common that neer was in furrow
Where I courted you truly to wed you tomorrow.

Do ye love the win bushes my ain bonny Bessey
Where the rude scenes o' nature still keeps her ain dress
Do ye love the wild Common where first I loved thee
Then come bonny Bess and gae walking wi me.

Where the wheat-ear is building her nes[t] i' the gorse
Where the orchis is blooming over beds o' green moss
And the Rabbit and Pheasant are bob[b]ing about
Like fond lovers secrets that dare not come out.

Do ye love the old heath love where I was but thine
Then let us go there love and thou art still mine
The rest-harrow whin bush are still growing there
Wet the heath wi' thy courting eye reckoned so fair

Bessy thy smile is as sweet as the past
And truth love can make it eternally last
Do ye love the wild brere and routine has been
Then Bessey love keeps it eternally green.
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