Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 1, Scene 4


Ara. Behold, Orbasius ; have I wrong'd your friend?
Behold a slave oblig'd by gratitude
To wear his chains with patience! This is he
Phraortes honours with his royal favours!
This is the man that I accus'd unjustly!
Soldiers. Advance, and bring the prisoner near us.
Soph. Why am I thus insulted? why this force?
If 'tis a crime to be unfortunate,
I well deserve this usage.
Ara. 'Tis our duty.
If you are innocent, let justice clear you.
Orbasius , to your charge I leave the Prince;
Mean while I'll search the palace. On this instant
Perhaps the safety of the King depends.
Come, soldiers, there are others to be taken,
Mine be that care. I'll bring them face to face,
When each man conscious of the other's crime
Shall in his guilty look confess his own.
Guard him with strictness, as you prize your life.
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