Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 2, Scene 4


Dor. May the Queen never know a moment's sorrow,
Nor let my words offend! — the Prince Sophernes ,
Leagu'd with a crew of daring desperate men,
Had meditated to destroy Phraortes ,
And let loose war and rapine o'er the land.
But Heav'n has made their machinations vain;
And they now groan in dungeons.
Ast. Then I'm wretched,
And ev'ry pleasing view of life is lost.
Was it confirm'd? or was it only rumour?
Dor. Araxes said Sophernes was his prisoner.
My haste would not allow me further question:
And this is all I learnt.
Ast. Have I not power?
I have. Why then, I'll give Sophernes freedom,
I'll give him life. — I think you nam'd Araxes ;
That man to me owes all his growth of fortune;
And if I judge him right, he 's very grateful.
Tell him the Queen admits him to her presence.
O Heaven! I thank thee for this blest occasion.
Did ever proof of fondness equal mine?
And sure so strong a proof must find return.
With what excess of transport shall I go
To lead him forth from heavy chains and darkness
To liberty and love! — But see, Araxes .
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