Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 2, Scene 6


Ast. Now my design is ripe for execution.
Then let Doraspe well consult her heart.
If she will share with me all change of fortune.
Dor. Doubt not your faithful servant. I'm prepar'd.
I know, however heinous is his crime,
Your intercession always must prevail.
His gratitude will kindle into love,
And in possession every wish be lost.
Ast. How little thou hast div'd into my thoughts!
My purposes are otherways determin'd.
I'll shake off bondage, and abandon empire;
For him disrobe my self of majesty;
Then to my native Parthia will I fly
With all my soul holds dear — my guide Sophernes .
Dor. Let me not find my gracious Queen's displeasure
If I dissent, and offer other counsel.
Why will you quit your crown? why fly from Media?
Does jealousy restrain your liberty?
Your love, your empire, both are in your power.
Ast. Mine 's not the common passion of our sex,
Which ev'ry day we can command at pleasure,
And shift and vary as occasion offers.
My love is real and unchangeable.
Controuls my heart, and governs absolute.
My eyes, words, actions, are no more my own:
My ev'ry thought 's Sophernes . — Other women,
Who have the power to practise little arts
To cheat a husband, and delude his fondness,
Ne'er knew the burning passion that I feel.
Those are the trifling wanton airs of women,
All vanity, and only love in name.
No. She who loves, must give up all her self;
She ne'er can be content with a stol'n minute.
Then pass whole days and nights with him she hates.
Advise no further — for I am determin'd.
Dor. Araxes , with the Persian prince!
Ast. Retire.
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