Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 3, Scene 1

ACT III. Scene I.

A Room of State with a Throne.

1st Conspirator . T HE information of those two vile cowards,
Who mingled with us brave and active spirits,
Hath giv'n us death. Let those mean creatures live,
They're fitter for the world.
2d Consp. Lead us to death.
Hyd. Death is pronounc'd on you, on me, on all.
Would I could take your guilt upon my self,
So to preserve some virtue in the world.
But those informers have deny'd me that;
We all must perish, and fall unreveng'd.
But since I cannot take your crimes upon me;
I'll live, and execute our great design,
And thus revenge your deaths.
1st Consp. Could this be done!
Hyd. It can.
1st Consp. You flatter us.
Hyd. I say, I'll do it.
Soon as the King returns to sign our sentence,
Only confirm the words which I shall speak,
And I'll revenge you soon, and soon be with you.
Orba. The guilty perish; innocence is freed.
Suspicion has not cast the smallest stain
Upon the virtuous Persian . Those accusers,
Who have condemn'd their fellows, know him not.
Of all the pleasures that a monarch tastes,
Sure mercy is most sweet! 'Tis heavenly pleasure,
To take the galling chains from off the hands
Of injur'd innocence! That privilege
O'er-ballances the cares that load a crown.
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