Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 3, Scene 5


Hyd. Safety now guards the throne, and Media 's happy.
Phra. I ratifie my word, and give you life,
I give you liberty; but on conditions.
Those I shall send you soon, and then you're free.
O Sun, I thank thee; thy all-seeing eye
Has trac'd the villain through his secret ways,
And now the hand of Justice is upon him.
Ara. Media rejoice.
All. May the King live for ever!
Phra. Proclaim a festival for seven days space;
Let the Court shine in all its pomp and lustre:
Let all our streets resound with shouts of joy;
Let Musick's care-dispelling voice be heard;
The sumptuous banquet and the flowing goblet
Shall warm the cheek, and fill the heart with gladness.
For Media 's foes are put to shame and death.
Astarbe shall sit soveraign of the feast,
That Queen of beauty shall direct our pleasures.
I'll to her bower. — I would have no attendance.
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