Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 4, Scene 1

ACT IV. Scene I.

A Prison.

Hyd. I shall survive but for a little space;
Doubt not my plighted faith, and dye in peace.
What is an hour of life! an hour of torment.
Think then what I shall suffer for your sake,
How I shall long and pant to be among you!
To him who fears not death Revenge is sure,
To him who fears not death Revenge is speedy.
Soon as the chains are struck from off these hands,
I'll dye them purple in the royal blood;
I'll watch all time. The throne shall not secure him,
The solemn temple, ev'n that sacred ground
Shall not protect him from my resolution.
Would it were done; that we might fall together!
1st Consp. May all success attend thy glorious purpose!
Thinking upon thy brave undaunted spirit,
I shall forget my pains, and smile in torture,
Ev'n when the sharpest pang of death is on me.
Hyd. Ere you are cold my Ghost shall overtake you.
And bring the welcome news. — Impatience racks me.
2d Consp. We thank our bold revenger, and will dye
Like men that well deserv'd so great a chief.
3d Consp. Farewell. And when you lift the dagger for the blow
Think on my friendship.
4th Consp. And on mine,
5th Consp. And mine.
1st Consp. Think of us all, and give him death for each.
Hyd. Farewell, unhappy friends; you're brave and true,
And you entrust one who deserves such friendships.
Your prayers and wishes shall direct the dagger
Deep in his heart. And when this deed is done
I've done my task of life; and I'll resign it.
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