Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 4, Scene 11


Ast. If I had power, this instant she should die.
Ara. I fear the King will soften into mercy.
Ast. Why that suspicion?
Ara. While she spoke before him,
I saw the King with the most fond attention
Hang on her words, and as she spoke he languish'd,
And ev'ry look he gave was love or pity.
Ast. She shall not live an hour. Lest with each moment
His passion strengthen, and my power diminish.
Did beauty strike all hearts as well as eyes,
For me the rival world would be in arms;
Beauty's admir'd and prais'd, not always lov'd.
Some eyes are dazled with too strong a lustre,
That gaze with pleasure on a fainter object;
This homely captive then may steal his heart,
And bring disgrace upon me. I'll prevent her.
This hour I'll see her bleed, and thus remove
At once the rival of my throne and love.
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