Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 4, Scene 6


Cap. This letter will instruct you in your duty.
Ara. The prisoner shall be given into your hands.
Cap. And he shall perish by an injur'd woman.
Thus has the King decreed; so shall he suffer
Both for his treason, and my murder'd lord.
To see me arm'd with such just resolution,
My husband's ghost is pleas'd, and smiles upon me.
Phraortes gave this dagger. This shall end him.
Ara. Within that iron gate he mourns in darkness.
This will conduct you. — 'Tis the King's command,
Soon as the bloody office is perform'd,
That you present your self once more before him,
Cap. His will shall be obey'd.
Ara. He 's now your charge.
Cap. And soon my charge shall end. — Leave me to justice.
How will my sight dismay his guilty soul!
Ev'n while that terror preys upon his heart,
I'll hurle him to the deepest shades below.
But I delay; and justice grows impatient.
I'd be alone. You now have done your duty.
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