Captives, The. A Tragedy - Act 5, Scene 8


Soph. 'Twas I that gave thee death.
Hyd. Thou hast done justice.
Phra. What sayest thou? speak again.
Hyd. He has done justice.
I barb'rously accus'd him of my crimes;
That guilt upbraids me; and I ask forgiveness.
Phra. Whence art thou? — why this zealous rage against me?
Hyd. I grieve not that I perish'd by his hand;
But that he disappointed my Revenge
I can't forgive him. Had he stay'd 'till then,
Hydarnes had faln greatly. But that 's past.
Still I shall wound thee in the tenderest part,
I faint. O grant me strength to give it utterance!
Draw near, Araxes . Speak, inform the King;
Did not you guide me to the Queen's apartment?
You know why I was call'd. Disclose the secret.
Ara. What past I know not.
Hya. What you fear to own,
I dare reveal: hear then a dying man.
The Queen, on promise of my life and pardon,
Prevail'd upon me to accuse this Prince;
I knew him not. Yet to pursue thy life.
And gratify revenge, I undertook it.
Phra. It is impossible. Advance, my Queen,
And let thy presence strike him with confusion.
Come forth, Astarbe . Hah! she 's fled; she 's guilty!
Haste, bring her back. I will extort confession.
What mov'd her to this perjur'd information?
Whence sprung this hate and malice to Sophernes?
Hyd. Ask her. I speak the truth, and know no further.
Look on me, Tyrant, and observe my features;
Seest thou not here the lines of brave Lysamnes?
He by thy power was led to shameful death,
His son now dyes, and never has reveng'd him.
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