Casey Jones

Casey Jones was a brave engineer;
Casey looked at the fireman, and the fireman said,
" What do you care?
If I keep your boilers red and hot,
We'll make it to Canton by four o'clock. "
Casey Jones was a brave engineer,
He died with the throttle in his right hand.

All the way by the last board he passed,
Thirty-five minutes late with the [U.] S. mail.
Casey Jones said to his fireman,
" We'll make it to Canton, or leave the rail:
We are thirty-five minutes late with the [U.] S. mail. "

Just as he got in a mile of the place,
He spied number Thirty-five right in his face.
Said to the fireman, " You'd better jump!
For these locomotives are bound to bump. "

When Casey's family heard of his death,
Casey's daughter fell on her knees,
" Mamma! mamma! how can it be,
Papa got killed on the old I. C? "

" Hush your mouth, don't draw a breath;
We'll draw a pension from Casey's death! "
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