Chain Gang Trouble

The train
run off
nine mile
from town
and killed
little Lu-
la dead.

Her head
was found
in the dri-
ving wheel;
her body
have never
been seen.

I cried,
I moaned,
I cried,
I moaned:
I asked
how long,
how long?

I asked
my captain
for the time
of day:
say he throwed
his watch

If I listened
at my mother
in a far-
ther day
I never
would-a been here

If I ever
get back home,
oh baby,
to stay
I never
be treated

How long,
how long,
how long,
how long,
how long,
oh how
I can go on?

I rise
with the blues
and I wake
with the blues;
nothing I
can't get
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