Character of Marlborough, A -

Mark by what wretched steps Great [Marlborough] grows,
From dirt and sea-weed as proud Venice rose:
One equal course how Guilt and Greatness ran,
And all that rais'd the Hero sunk the Man.
Now Europe's Lawrels on his brows behold,
But stain'd with Blood, or ill exchang'd for Gold.
What wonder tryumphs never turn'd his brain
Fill'd with mean fear to lose mean joy to gain.
Hence see him modest free from pride or shew
Some Vices were too high but none too low
Go then indulge thy age in Wealth and ease
Stretch'd on the spoils of plunder'd palaces
Alas what wealth , which no one act of fame
E'er taught to shine, or sanctified from shame
Alas what ease those furies of thy life
Ambition Av'rice and th' imperious Wife.
The trophy'd Arches, story'd Halls invade,
And haunt his slumbers in the pompous Shade.
No joy no pleasure from successes past
Timid and therefore treacherous to the last
Hear him in accents of a pining Ghost
Sigh, with his Captive for his ofspring lost
Behold him loaded with unreverend years
Bath'd in unmeaning unrepentant tears
Dead, by regardless Vet'rans born on high
Dry pomps and Obsequies without a sigh.
Who now his fame or fortune shall prolong
In vain his consort bribes for venal song
No son nor Grandson shall the line sustain
The husband toils the Adulterer sweats in vain:
In vain a nations zeal a senate's cares
" Madness and lust" (said God) " be you his heirs"
" O'er his vast heaps in drunkenness of pride
Go wallow Harpyes and your prey divide"
Alas! not dazled with his Noontide ray,
Compute the Morn and Evening of his Day:
The hole amount of that enormous Fame
A Tale! that blends the Glory with the Shame!
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