Chimes Play “Life's a Bumper!”The

‘Awake! I'm off to cities far away,’
I said; and rose, on peradventures bent.
The chimes played ‘Life's a Bumper!’ long that day
To the measure of my walking as I went:
Their sweetness frisked and floated on the lea,
As they played out ‘Life's a Bumper!’ there to me.

‘Awake!’ I said. ‘I go to take a bride!’
—The sun arose behind me ruby-red
As I journeyed townwards from the countryside,
The chiming bells saluting near ahead.
Their sweetness swelled in tripping tings of glee
As they played out ‘Life's a Bumper!’ there to me.

‘Again arise.’ I seek a turfy slope,
And go forth slowly on an autumn noon,
And there I lay her who has been my hope,
And think, ‘O may I follow hither soon!’
While on the wind the chimes come cheerily,
Playing out ‘Life's a Bumper!’ there to me.
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