Choriambic Polyschematist

Come to the dance! awake! awake! bound with the music lightly!
Evening is falling on the lake, — flashes the mirror brightly.
Come, where the elm is arching high, bent with its purple treasure:
Bid to the toil of day good-by, — yield to the call of pleasure!

Come to the dance, ye maidens fair! gayly the song invites you:
Joy with his golden lamp is there, — on to the ring he lights you.
Circle around the festive tree! then, as the music wakes you,
Trip to its measures, light and free, — flit, where in sport it takes you!

Haste to the dance, away, away! viol and lute attend you:
Evening winds, as with flowers they play, sweets from the rose-buds send you.
Haste to the dance! the music calls! — haste to the smile of lover!
Soon the chilly night-dew falls, — then must the dance be over.
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