Colonel Sharp


Gentlemen and Ladies, I pray you lend an ear;
A very sad story you now shall quickly hear;
It was of a bold young lawyer lived in Kentucky state
Who on his own true lovyer with patience he did wait.


She told him she would marry him if he would avenge her heart
Of injury had been done her by one said Colonel Sharpe,
She said he had seduced her and brought her spirits low
" And without some satisfaction no pleasures can I know. "


It's " Oh, my dearest Jewel, that's pleasant talk to me.
To kill the man who injured you I really do feel free;
For I never could expect you for to become my wife
Until I did attack him and surely take his life. "


He had made some preparations and on to Frankfort went;
To kill this noble Colonel it was his whole intent.
He took him out to one side and gave to him a knife.
He said, " I cannot fight you if this lady be your wife. "


He went down to Frankfort all on the very next day.
He hunted Frankfort over, and Sharpe had gone away.
He turned to his lovyer and told her what he'd done,
And both agreed within themselves they'd let him longer run.


She made a mask of black silk and put it on his head;
So they might think he was some negro as he ran from the bed.
He slipped along most secretly till he came to Colonel Sharpe;
Called him from his bed chamber and stabbed him to his heart.


And then this Colonel's friends they all came flocking round.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
And wasn't it most sorrowful to see him bleed and die,
And leave his little children and his poor wife to cry?


And then his dearest lovyer turned to his loving wife,
Says, " Oh, my dearest Jewel, I've took that Colonel's life.
And now we will prepare ourselves and to Missouri run,
And I hope we'll be more happier than when we first begun. "


She said, " Oh, my dearest Jewel, just do as you please;
You've took me out of trouble and set me at my ease. "
This couple was followed after and back was fetched again.
He was tried by judge and jury, and guilty he was found.
They carried him to the jail house and in it he was bound.


Then he called for pen and ink to write all around,
" I want this whole world to know what I have done:
I've killed this noble Colonel that injured my poor wife
And always will protect her as long as I have life.


" My dear old father, don't you trouble me;
And my dear old mother, don't grieve nor cry for me;
For the laws of old Kentucky say I must shortly die
And leave my little brothers and sisters here to cry. "


Then he says, " Oh, my dearest Jewel, come stay awhile with me,
For I shortly must leave you to go to eternity.
May the heavens bless you while here on earth you stay,
And all my friends protect you and help you on your way. "


She says, " My dearest Jewel, I'll stay awhile with you;
The reasons of your troubles were all becaused by me. "
She says, " I will stay with you while here on earth you stay,
And when you're persecuted lie with you in the clay. "


She ground her penknife, she ground it keen and sharp;
While he was talking to her she stabbed it to her heart;
She gave it to her own true-love, he undertook the same;
The very second blow he made she stopped it with her hand.


Perhaps there's some one here who'd wish to know their names.
It was Andy Bowens Beecher and Andy Cooker's dame.
And wasn't it surprising that they behaved so brave,
And in each other's bosom lay mouldering in the grave?
Was ever a transaction that caused so much blood
Was ever a true-hearted man more constant to his love?
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