Come Nanny Dear Near Me

Come Nanny lie near me Thy talk it will cheer me
I'm o'er happy to hear thee Talk close to my side
I'm weary and lonely and want but thee only
To cheer and console me my loved one and bride

Leaves fade and blossoms die Autums bleak winds and muddy sky
All in disorder lie severed from thee
The roses to hips are gone The poppy seeds every one
Come wi' straw bonnet on dearest to me

The hedges are hips and awes Mead and field bents and straws
Love true to natures laws Wanders for thine
On furze heath and common baulk side by side we there can walk
View the changed scene and talk Thinking thou'rt mine

Now the weeks nearly done Scarce have we seen the sun
Trees bare and leaves gone Nanny my dear
Wi' blackbirds and thrushes love Lone hid in furze bushes love
Where the spring water gushes love Come and walk here

The rosey hip blushes love Turning red all the bushes love
And wild the wind rushes love I' the lanes and the street
And sweet it be love for you love and me love
The meadows to see love where the wild waters meet.
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