Common Bill


I will tell you of a fellow,
 Of a fellow I have seen;
Who is neither white nor yellow,
 But is altogether green;
And his name it isn't charming,
 For it's only common Bill,
And he wishes me to wed him,
 But I hardly think I will.


He was here the other night,
 And he made so long a stay
I began to think the gump-head
 Would never go away;
Oh, he talked of devotion,
 Of devotion pure and bright,
And don't you think the fool-killer
 He nearly stayed all night.


And he wants me for to wed him,
 And the very deuce is in it,
For he says if I refuse him
 He cannot live a minute;
And you know the blessed Bible
 It teaches not to kill,
And I've thought the matter over,
 And I guess I'll marry Bill.
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