Communion Hymn

O JESUS , bruised and wounded more
Than bursted grape, or bread of wheat,
The Life of Life within our souls,
The cup of our salvation sweet;

We come to show Thy dying hour,
Thy streaming vein, Thy broken flesh;
And still the blood is strong to save,
And still the fragrant wounds are fresh.

O heart, that with a double tide
Of blood and water makest pure!
O flesh, once offer'd on the cross,
The gift that makes our pardon sure!

Let never more our sinful souls
The anguish of Thy cross renew,
Nor forge again the cruel nails
That pierced Thy victim body through.

Come, bread of Heaven, to feed our souls,
And with Thee, Jesus, enter in;
Come, wine of God, and as we drink
His precious blood, wash out our sin.
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