Comrades, We are Serving

Air: " Onward Christian Soldiers."


Comrades, we are serving,
'Round instruction's throne,
In our youth we're laying
Wisdom's corner stone.
Flood or fire can never
Sweep away the towers,
We are building daily,
In our student hours.

Comrades, we are serving
'Round instruction's throne,
In our youth we're laying,
Wisdom's corner stone.


On the very ashes
Sloth has left behind,
Study lays the ground-work,
Of a scholar's mind.
Every lesson mastered,
Like a little stone,
Helps to raise the structure
Knowledge builds alone.

Comrades we are serving, etc.


On the firm foundation
That our learning lays,
We construct the stronghold
Of our future days.
Sometimes we will carry
Wisdom's flag unfurled,
Underneath that standard
We can face the world.

Comrades, we are serving, etc.
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