He blessed the bread; His Body gave
To those whom He would die to save.
He blessed the wine; His blood He poured:
Partake the chalice of the Lord.

O God, upon Thine altar spread,
Behold the cup of wine, the bread;
Thy gifts Thy Self about to be,
O God, in memory of Thee.

The bread was baked; the wine was pressed;
And Thou, O God, hast done the rest.
O work divine, the simple food
Becomes Thy Body and Thy Blood.

O miracle beyond all price;
O fruit of love and sacrifice;
O pledge of triumph o'er the grave;
O Bread for which the angels crave.

Joy after sorrow; rest from strife;
No more the living Bread, but life;
The very Truth for what was true;
To drink with Thee the wine anew.
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