The Consent of the Believer unto the Ten Commandments

Lord, I should have no Lord , beside
Thee , to be Lov'd, Serv'd, Glorify'd .
I should the Glory due to Thee,
In Wayes , pay, that Appointed be.

Thy Names , Thy Words , Thy Works , I should,
Sacred for proper Uses , hold.
The Dayes which thou made Sacred hath,
I should not in Diversions wast.

In their Fit places , every one,
I should with all Fit Honours own.
That Life none may unjustly Loose,
Means I should with all kindness use.

Chast I should be in every part ,
Yea, Chast in every Thought of Heart.
To Get and Keep my Worldly Wealth ,
I should commit no sort of Stealth .

Truth I should utter, and maintain ,
And no Good Name with Slander stain.
With sweet Content I should Receive
All the Wise God will please to give.

Lord, By the Blood of CHRIST, I pray,
Save me, who do not thus obey;
And by the Strength of CHRIST, from hence,
Sav'd, Let me yield Obedience.
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