Among my marionettes I find
The enthusiasm is intense!
They see the outlines of their stage
Conceived upon a scale immense
And even in this later age
Await an audience open-mouthed
At climax and suspense.

Two, in a garden scene
Go picking tissue paper roses;
Hero and heroine, alone,
The monotone
Of promises and compliments
And guesses and supposes.

And over there my Paladins
Are talking of effect and cause,
With " learn to live by nature's laws! "
And " strive for social happiness
And contact with your fellow-men
In Reason: nothing to excess! "
As one leaves off the next begins.

And one, a lady with a fan
Cries to her waiting-maid discreet
" Where shall I ever find the man!
One who appreciates my soul;
I'd throw my heart beneath his feet.
I'd give my life to his control. "
(With more that I shall not repeat.)

My marionettes (or so they say)
Have these keen moments every day
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