Country Courtship

It was on a summers morning
Nigh the middle of the day
When dewy pearls the Breres adorning
Shone on the hedge row spray
Just while a getting o'er the stile
And the green bank stepping down
I met a maiden wi sunny smile
A coming from the town


The roses blush'd upon the Brere
Her cheek flush'd wi the heat
" Good morning to your smiles my dear
Good Morn said she so sweet
The wheat stalk showed its milky ear
And bow'd down heavy o'er the baulk
The birds they whistled full and clear
The Jays they almost seem'd to talk


I said " my pretty maiden fair
Excuse a strangers first love token
I wiped aside her curling hair
I kiss'd her cheek before twas spoken
We pass'd o'er grounds & cross'd the lane
Her gown was brush'd by milky ear
I saw her home and back again
Went every sunday all the year

I went while wheat grounds turn'd to brown
I went till stouks were standing there
Head aches where blushing up and down
And blue caps blossom'd late and fair
I went till Bean fields were turn'd black
And Barley shocks where clear'd away
Saw Ruckyards fill'd wi many a stack
And then we had our Wedding day —
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