A Creed

I believe in human Kindness,
Large amid the sons of men,
Nobler far in willing blindness
Than in censure's keenest ken:
I believe in Self-denial,
And its secret throb of joy;
In the Love that lives through trial,
Dying not, though death destroy.

I believe in dreams of Duty,
Warning us to self-control,—
Foregleams of the glorious beauty
That shall yet transform the soul:
In the godlike wreck of nature
Sin doth in the sinner leave,
That he may regain the stature
He hath lost,—I do believe.

I believe in Love renewing
All that sin hath swept away,
Leaven-like its work pursuing
Night by night and day by day:
In the power of its remoulding,
In the grace of its reprieve,
In the glory of beholding
Its perfection,—I believe.

I believe in Love Eternal,
Fixed in God's unchanging will,
That, beneath the deep infernal,
Hath a depth that's deeper still:
In its patience, its endurance
To forbear and to retrieve,
In the large and full assurance
Of its triumph,—I believe.
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