Daemon initiate, spirit

Daemon initiate, spirit
of the god-race. Artemis,
Latona's daughter,
child of Zeus,

of all maids loveliest,
we greet you, mistress:
you dwell in your father's house,
the gold-wrought porches of Zeus,
apart in the depth of space. HIPPOLYTUS
Of all maids, loveliest,
I greet you, Artemis,
loveliest upon Olympus:
dearest, to you this gift,
flower set by flower and leaf
broken by uncut grass,
where neither scythe has dipped
nor does the shepherd yet
venture to lead his sheep;
there it is white and fragrant,
the wild-bee swirls across;
as a slow rivulet,
mystic peace broods and drifts:
Ah! but my own, my dearest,
take for your gold-wrought locks
from my hands these flowers,
as from a spirit.
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