Daw, I have askid questiones

 Daw, I have askid questiones
of thee and of thi freres;
bot that I lied oones ougt
knewe I me not gilty,
ffor Goddis lawe forbedith this
in many place, I wene.
And thowg I be Jak Uplonde,
git drede I Goddis lawe.
Bot I suppose thi secte tristith
so meche in her habites,
that thai kun lye of custom,
as Peter prophecith of hem,
Fuerunt pseudo-prophetœ in populis, magistri mendaces, etc.
Bot to lie thus playnly and openly on men,
ge count it not synne,
as gour wordes shewen;
gour freres ben taken alle day
with wymmen and wifes,
bot of gour privey sodomye
spake I not gette.
Bot lat see, Dawe, if thou,
or any lyer of thin ordre,
can preve this on oon of hem
that clepest my secte,
and sicerly shalle thou have
of me an hundrith pounde.

 Daw, thou leggist Salomon
for gour hie houses;
bot olde holy doctoures
ben agen thee here,
and specialy Jerom,
that saith in the lawe,
who wil allege the temple
for glorie of our chirche,
fforsake he to be cristen, Jak,
and be he newe a Jewe.

  12 q. 2 Gloria episcopi .
Ffor sith the pore lorde, he saith,
halowed his pore chirche,
take ge Cristes crosse, he saith,
and counte we delices claye.
Daw, blaberere and blynde leder,
thowg thou bigile symple hertes
with thi gildyn glose,
and with thi costly houses,
thou bigilest not Jak
with gour thevishe logges.
 Unde in evangelio, vos autem fecistis eam speluncam latronum.
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